A Real-life Badass Weighs in on ‘Broken Slate’

Terry Schappert on the new Sean Coleman thriller

Sean Coleman, the protagonist in John A. Daly’s thriller novels, is a fictional badass. Standing at six-foot-five, and weighing nearly 250 pounds, the rough and gritty former high school football player speaks his mind, and doesn’t hesitate to back up his words with muscle.

Broken Slate, the latest installment in the Sean Coleman Thriller series, won’t be released until 10/1/2017 (available for pre-order), but real-life badass, Terry Schappert, just finished reading an advanced copy.

Terry SchappertHis reaction?

“What a great f***ing book. Seriously… Sean Coleman is the kind of character that pisses you off – he’s emotionally broken, often thoughtless, and sometimes a jerk. He’s also loyal, honorable, and anything but a super hero. In short, John Daly’s Sean Coleman is a lot like you and me.”

Schappert was a U.S. paratrooper in the Gulf War, and a Green Beret in the Iraq War.

He has hosted multiple survival and combat related reality-television shows, including Warriors, Shark Attack Survival Guide, Dude You’re Screwed!, and currently, Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction (on The Outdoor Channel).

He also co-authored the book, A Guide To Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with WHATEVER You’ve Got.

Glad you enjoyed the book, Terry!

Broken Slate is available for pre-order through these and all other major book retailers:


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