John on the ‘Just Sway’ (Blue October Experience) Podcast

Just Sway Show
Just Sway podcast

The Just Sway show reached out to John last year over a couple of pieces he’d written on the band, Blue October:

Snippets from an extensive January interview with John will appear in various episodes of the podcast (which will be added to this post below, as they’re released).

In Episode 2 (at the 16:28 mark), John talks about discovering the band through their smash hit, Hate Me, and how the song resonated with him in a big way:



By the way, here’s a great live performance of that song:



In Episode 4 (at the 11:35 mark), John talks about some pretty personal things, including faith, his family, and a conversation he had with Justin:

Check back here for more of the interview, and make sure you check out the Just Sway podcast.

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