Throwback: “President Trump” Makes Book Launches Great Again

President Trump

People who visit my website often ask me, “Who’s the guy who plays Donald Trump in your book videos? He’s freakin’ hilarious!”

He is indeed hilarious, and his name is John Di Domenico. John’s an incredibly talented actor, writer, comedian, and impersonator. Chances are that you’ve seen him on national television as well, whether it be on Conan O’Brien’s show, Fox News, The View, or elsewhere.

I interviewed John for Bernie Goldberg’s website a couple years ago, where I also described how the two of us met.

Anyway, since someone just asked me about John again tonight, I figured I’d put together a little throwback compilation of the videos he has done for me and my books. Enjoy!

“President Trump” introducing me at the White House to talk about Safeguard (May, 2019):


“President Trump” inviting readers to the book launch party for Broken Slate (June, 2017):


“President Trump” greeting guests at the Broken Slate book launch (June, 2017):


“President Trump” endorsing the novel, Blood Trade (September, 2015):

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