Pre-order Safeguard (Sean Coleman Thriller #4)


Safeguard is now available for pre-order!

It’s official. The fourth installment is the Sean Coleman Thriller series, SAFEGUARD, is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and elsewhere. Other booksellers will soon have it available for pre-order as well, both in paperback and on eBook. The official release date is 10/1/2019.


Months after a life-altering revelation drove Sean Coleman from his mountain hometown of Winston, Colorado, the longtime security guard has found stable work as the sole caretaker of a retired nuclear missile site along the Eastern Plains.

The desolate Cold War era facility now serves as a rarely visited museum and records archive, and provides perhaps the perfect job for a lonesome, headstrong man working to erase the painful memories of his past. But as Sean soon discovers, the forgotten compound has piqued new, unwelcome interest.

A mysterious group of armed individuals, frighteningly cultish in their methods, work to cut off communications with the outside world and take over the facility by any means necessary. Though their dark purpose is ultimately exposed, Sean suspects their charismatic leader is guided by even more sinister motivations — motivations that can prove more deadly than anyone could possibly imagine.

What was supposed to be a lazy Monday evening turns into a savage battle of survival and a close-quarters race against time, as Sean fights for his life, liberty, and the things he’d left behind.

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