My Favorite Video of the New Year

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This morning, as I was desperately catching up on some writing and online work I’d neglected over the holidays, I happened to notice that “Ian Ziering” was trending on social media. Most of you reading this probably don’t recognize the name, but those of us who were of high school or college age in the early 1990s know him as “Steve Sanders” from the long-running Fox television show, Beverly Hills, 90210.

He was the tall, curly-haired rich kid.

Since I hadn’t thought about Ziering… well, since before Y2K, my curiosity got the better of me. I checked out the video that came up when I clicked on his name, and was soon treated to the most entertaining action scene I’ve seen in a very long time. Only, it wasn’t from a television show or movie. It was from real-life.

Ziering somehow got into a brawl on Hollywood Boulevard with a gang of mini-bikers. A couple of onlookers captured the meley on video, and apparently sold the footage to TMZ.

Despite the below warning, it’s not particularly “graphic”… but it is pretty badass:

A post shared by @tmz_tv

Here’s another angle.

This might sound weird to a lot of you, but despite having watched the video a number of times now, I have gone well out of my way to avoid learning the actual context behind it. I’m not sure how the exchange started, and I’m not sure how it ended (though I did see somewhere that Ziering was okay). I just know that an almost 60-year-old dude, in Sean Coleman fashion, single-handedly taking on a mysterious group of thugs riding tiny motorcycles (and handling himself pretty darned well), is kind of awesome. I’m worried that if I find out any more, the incident won’t seem as awesome.

The exchange really is worth dissecting, because — like in a Jackie Chan film — there’s a heck of a lot going on… from one of the bikers ramming his cycle into Ziering’s backside (and having almost no effect), to Ziering breaking free of the dog-pile of assailants and dragging a couple of them across the street, to a failed slide-tackle/leg-sweep and return kick to the crotch. The episode is so perfect, in so many ways, that it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if it turned out that Ziering paid the bikers (and those filming the fight) to draw some attention back to his acting career.

Do I think that’s what’s happened? No. I’m confident it was real.

But boy was it good press for Ziering, who came out of the incident looking like a marketable action-star.


Did you used to watch Ziering’s former show? If so, are you brave enough to admit it? Let me know in an email or in the comment section below.

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Obligatory Dog Shot

This work of art was the best Christmas present ever!

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