Why Taylor Swift Makes Me So Special

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The other day, a Vox headline grabbed my attention: “It’s impossible to be neutral about Taylor Swift.

I found it intriguing, because, while I think I’m pretty good at certain things, I’ve never found myself exceptional at much of anything. Yet, according to the writer, Alex Abad-Santos, I have, without even realizing it, managed to achieve… the impossible.

And it wasn’t even hard!

Good job, John. Way to go.

But am I really all that special for genuinely not caring, one way or another, about America’s top pop-act? Alex says I am.

He writes, “To some, [Swift is] a ruthless capitalist who crisscrosses the Earth on her private jet, yells at her sweet professional football player boyfriend, and doesn’t have the integrity to take a side in the upcoming election… To others, she’s the greatest songwriter of her generation, a feminist who isn’t afraid to be successful or even misunderstood — because everything she does is for her fans.”

Remarkably (apparently), she’s none of those things to me. I don’t care how much money she makes. I don’t care how she travels. Since I don’t watch football, I can’t even remember her boyfriend’s name half the time. I certainly don’t care who she’ll vote for in November. I couldn’t even tell you the name of one of her songs, and I have no idea what she does or doesn’t do for her fans.

“The clearest thing about Taylor Swift is that no one can stop talking about her,” Alex insists.

I’ve honestly gone months, even years, without talking about her.

“Ahead of her album release — The Tortured Poets Department on April 19 — Swift has become exceptionally famous, and in doing so she has maybe broken all of us,” Alex adds.

Weirdly, despite Swift’s fame, I still feel whole. I’m chugging along okay in this world that the two of us share. Sure, I get a little tired at times, but I think that has more to do with my age and diet than T.S.

“Because she’s so famous, Swift pulls focus,” Alex continues. “These things that she does become less about the things themselves and more about Swift.”

I’m so foreign to Swiftville that I don’t even know what that means!

“Even if you don’t have a direct opinion on Taylor Swift or her music, a conversation about sports or movies eventually becomes directly about her.”

I’ve literally never had this happen.

The column goes on and on and on with this type of thing, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Because if Alex is right, I am a freakin’ force of nature, y’all. I am the eighth wonder of the world. And it was only made possible by Taylor Swift. Because of her, I am special.

I’d say that should warrant me finally caring about her, but that would apparently ruin everything. So, I’ll just keep on keeping on, and let you all marvel at my greatness.


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Movie Recommendation

I saw Dev Patel’s directorial debut, Monkey Man, last weekend. The action thriller is sort of a cross between Slumdog Millionaire and John Wick, and it’s highly entertaining.

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Obligatory Dog Shot

I feel like they’re hiding something.

Featured Vinyl

Last Saturday was Record Store Day across the nation, and for the first time in a few years, I took full, frosty advantage of it. Therefore, the Featured Vinyl newsletter-section is coming back for a few weeks!

This week’s selection is “Weird Things Happening” by the Screaming Trees. Some may remember this Washington-based rock band from their early 90’s hit, “Nearly Lost You.” It was featured on the very popular “Singles” soundtrack, along with lots of other tunes from rising grunge and alternative-rock artists of the era. The Screaming Trees were a solid band, but never quite achieved the success of many of their peers.

“Weird Things Happening” goes all the way back to the band’s roots in the late 80s, and features lots of raw, previously unreleased tracks recorded on cassette in the back of a family-run store.

It’s cool, almost psychedelic stuff.

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